Our Top Brands

We carry the leading hosiery brands in Australia sourced direct from the manufacturer. Our difference is that we offer our top quality brands to you at more than 33% off the recommended retail price. You can enjoy even greater savings of over 50% off the retail price for our discontinued lines plus you won't find them anywhere else.



Voodoo is a household name in Australian hosiery and is our best selling line. Well known for its ultra sheer weave, it gives legs an exquisite shine or matte look. Fashion tights are a perennial favourite and each season's hottest patterns can be traced back to Voodoo.

Our vast range of products include pantyhose, stay ups, stockings, fishnets, leggings, opaque tights, knee-hi's and trouser socks.



Kayser is a name synonymous with quality and for decades has dressed the legs of generations of women. Kayser has served the needs of the sophisticated lady with its array of classic styles.

Our products include pantyhose, knee hi's, trouser socks and plus size products.


Sheer Relief

Sheer Relief has been Australia's most trusted leg support product for over 30 years. The products are designed to aid blood circulation around the legs and lower body. They are useful for those standing for prolonged periods or after medical procedures or during long haul travel.

Our products include pantyhose, opaque tights, knee-his, trouser socks and travel socks.


Razzaa matazz

Razzamatazz is the fun, flirty, sassy brand with a great range of styles to complement the latest trends for any season. You will forever be fashion forward with Razzamatazz.

Our products include pantyhose, leggings, fashion tights, knee hi's and anklets.



Bonds is the classic Australian brand that springs to mind when it comes to innerwear. Did you know that Bonds now also has a wide variety of hosiery products? 

Our products include pantyhose, tights, underwear and bodywear.


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