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Have you ever been confused with the countless variety of hosiery types? Use our Hosiery Guide to learn about all styles of hosiery including differences in length, thickness and coverage. Click below to find out more about our great range of hosiery:

For information on Australia's most popular hosiery brands see our Top Brands page.


Pantyhose provide full coverage from the waist to the toes. Their thickness can vary from 7 denier (ultra sheer) to approximately 30 denier. The higher the denier the more durable and resistant to holes or ladders they are.

The finish on the leg can be shiny (great for a night out) or matte (for everyday wear). The brief can be the same material as the legs (sheer to waist) or reinforced with thicker material for a slimmer, sleeker silouhette (control brief).

With our wide range of pantyhose available, you are sure to find something suitable for any occasion whether to wear everyday to the office or for an extravagant night out, all for at least 33% less than the retail price.

Specialised styles of pantyhose we stock include: extra durable, hipster, toeless, sheer toe, support and many more.

Voodoo sheer to waist

Stockings and stay ups

Both stay ups and stockings are thigh length products. Stay ups cling to the thigh normally using a silicone lining, stockings need to be worn with a suspender belt. Perfect for adding a touch of sexiness to any outfit.

Examples of our styles include: lace top, fishnet, bridal and opaques for colder weather.

stay up stockingstocking

Opaque tights and leggings

In colder weather, our opaque tights and leggings will keep you warm and cosy. The thickness (and warmth) is measured in denier ranging from 40 denier (semi-opaque) to 200 denier (full winter weight). Fashion tights can add a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe.

We also have wool tights, cotton tights and styles suitable for school.

Voodoo 120 Denier tights

Fishnets and pattern tights

For the perfect way to accesorise any outfit try pairing with some fishnets or pattern tights. 

You can't go wrong timeless classics such as sexy fishnets, cute polka dots, herringbone or elegant back seam stockings. 

We also carry the season's latest patterns in store to jazz up a sleek suit or to be the life of the (costume) party so you will always stay on trend.



Support Products

Support products are essential for people suffering varicose veins, people who spend extended periods standing up and those going on long haul travel.

For over 30 years, Sheer Relief has been Australia's most trusted brand of support hosiery. The range also includes trouser socks, knee hi's, travel socks (for men and women) and padded sockettes. Kayser also has a quality support range including knee hi's.


Fuller figure products

Hosiery is for everyone and we carry many products for those with a fuller figure. Our plus size products can also be referred to as Curvaceous or Voluptuous range. 

Fuller figure pantyhose may have an extra panel in the brief to cater for the fuller figure or an expanding tummy. We carry sheer pantyhose (including Voodoo), support pantyhose, knee hi's and opaques for colder weather.

Kayser plus

Knee hi's, anklets and sockettes

Essential for comfort and hygiene, we have knee hi's, anklets and sockettes to match any skirt or pants. 

Knee hi's reach just below the knee, anklets are ankle length and sockettes (also known as footlet or foot covers) cover the foot. 

Our products range from sheer to opaque (up to 70 denier) and we have both plain and patterned styles. 

knee hiankletsockette

Kids and school tights

When winter rolls around, you can be sure your kids will still stay warm with opaque tights in colours to match any school uniform. For those extra chilly days, we also have cotton tights in plain or patterned styles. 

Our kids range starts from newborn stage so we have products to suit any age!

Kayser school tights


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